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What happens in relationship counseling?

Many times couples come to a session and think that they will each get a turn to share their side of the story and that the counselor will sit and listen and then make a decision as to who is the one with the “right” perspective. In our counseling approach, we believe that every story is the “right” story if you take the time to understand it. Our work with couples helps each partner to see the perspective of the other partner even when the two are not in agreement.

Does relationship counseling always help?

We are devoted to helping couples figure out a pathway through the complications of relationship connections. We know that not all relationships are able to recover from ruptures and disconnections. Even so we work very hard to help each couple explore options for relationship improvement.

How long does couples counseling take?

We know that each couple is different and will need different amounts of time to work through relationship issues. We usually suggest that couples commit to 12 sessions of couples counseling.

What approach do you use in working with people

We follow a systems and attachment theory focus in our work. Using processing and experiential techniques to help people realize personal healing.