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Family Life Space Drawing

Upcoming Courses: 

  • March 22, 2024, NASW Conference Norfolk VA
  • Virtual NASW Conference April 19, 2024

Past Continuing Education Trainings

Ethics Course

Continuing Education for Professionals

Relational Ethics and Social Work Practice

Course description:
This course will review the NASW code of ethics, standards of practice and apply those ethics to real life everyday practice. Participants will have an opportunity to review their own belief systems in terms of social work values and ethical standards. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to experientially practice dealing with ethical dilemmas using a protocol for issues that come up in workplace situations.

Course Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Identify the core values and historical development of ethical practice in social work2. Review the content of the NASW code of ethics3. Review Virginia standards of practice4. Describe potential ethical and illegal problems in social work practice5. Identify personal practice and potential ethical dilemmas related to social work practice6. Identify a protocol for effectively resolving ethical issues in practice

Assessing Family Relationships

Initial counseling sessions provide an opportunity to learn about the client’s needs and discover a plan for the counseling relationship. The process of obtaining information and joining your new client can be connecting and informative for client and counselor.

This workshop will train you in the use of an interactive counseling tool, The Family Life Space Drawing. The training will provide you with a unique way to join clients and engage them while learning about current relationship dynamics and environmental factors in an interactive visual way. Not only will you be able to discover the present factors related to personal relationships, social stress, and community factors, you and the clients have an opportunity to discover information that is underlying the current relationship situation that includes family history!

The tool is useful for all counseling relationships but is particularly useful when working with more than one person as in the case of couples and families.

Ron and Theresa have been using this process and teaching about it for over 30 years. Ron has been an innovator and developer of the procedure and Theresa is writing a book on how to use the process. We have written a manual describing the process and it is available on Amazon June 2019 – Assessing Family Relationships: Family Life Space Drawing Manual

Assessing Family Relationships with the Family Life Space Drawing