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Will you be there when I need you?

One of the greatest needs for human beings is the need for love and connection. In fact, the cruelest punishment anyone can receive is to be placed in solitary confinement. Sometimes it seems like our lover has placed us in solitary and  the loneliness and pain is so overwhelming.  People talk about this sense of being alone with a partner similar to the panic of being near death.   We need each other and there is no shame in that. In fact, science shows that  the need for human attachment is one of our most basic needs. People long for love and connection and  discover that happy connection in the midst of romantic love. All too often that sense of connection is challenged as the relationship progresses and the intensity of romance fades. We are often scanning the horizon for reassurance that my partner is going to “be there” no matter what. Couples counseling can help get that sense of safety and connection back on track. Sometimes discovering simple tools for connecting and reconnecting can make all the difference. Reach out for connection in ways that work and affirm safety and love.